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Official Annapolis Pride Event
Annapolis Pride and St. Luke’s Eastport invite you to a fun, festive labyrinth walk in celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Month.
There will be flags, sidewalk chalk, pinwheels, bubbles, and rainbows in abundance. Feel free to come dressed up or dressed down as much as you would like! If by some chance you’re short on rainbow gear, there will be plenty of Annapolis Pride swag available.
Never walked a labyrinth before? Our Pride Walk is the perfect time to dive in and try it. This ancient spiritual practice goes back thousands of years and is shared in common by many different cultures. You don’t need to know anything in advance to participate, and you also don’t need to be part of any particular faith tradition. The labyrinth is open to everyone and will mirror your own journey back to you.
We meet at the log amphitheater just below the labyrinth for an introduction to walking the labyrinth, and then we gather there again for conversation following the walk.
Masks are required to participate. Thanks for helping to keep our community safe!
We strive to make our events as accessible and inclusive as possible. The grassy path of the Eastport Memorial Labyrinth is wide and flat enough to navigate with a wheelchair or walker. A hand-held labyrinth is also available as an alternative to walking.
Labyrinth walks take place rain or shine, so please dress for the weather!
Labyrinth walks are held at the Eastport Memorial Labyrinth on the front of the grounds of St. Luke’s on the second Saturday of each month from noon to 1 pm. Everyone is always welcome.