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Join us each month to discuss queer-centered and queer-positive media/art.
All are welcome, including families, children, and allies, and you do not need to live in Greenbelt. We ask that everyone watch/read/review the work(s) in advance of the meetup.
This month we will be having a conversation about the documentary film, “The Second Life of Jamie P.”
Synopsis: “At 63-years-old, Jamie Peebles is ready to come out as a woman. This documentary follows her emotional year of physical transitioning.” -Tubi
Meeting link (Zoom): We will post this shortly before the event.
1. Introductions: Name and pronouns
2. Inclusivity statement: We want to make a welcoming and safe environment for all people from our community, who have a diverse range of experiences. Please be respectful and mindful of your fellow guests as well as others who are not in the chat and who do not have a voice in the conversation.
3. Discussion of the work(s): feel free to prepare discussion questions.
4. Closing: Does anyone have media/art recommendations for future discussions? We can add them to our list. We prefer easily accessible works, including written, visual, audio, and audiovisual works. We will post a few options in chat and choose a work for next month.