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Most Americans are not directly impacted by the current transgender military ban. But for the 15,000 brave and patriotic transgender servicemembers that have stepped up to serve their country, this policy is a cruel punishment which makes military life even more difficult. It also impacts the combat readiness of every unit that relies on these servicemembers without concern for their gender orientation. As former military members, Veterans Against Hate is adamantly opposed to this discriminatory policy and we would like you to join us in advocating on behalf of our transgender brothers and sisters in arms.

This event will begin at 4:00pm on September 21st with a panel discussion in which we will explain the implementation of the ban, the justifications given and why those justifications do not match reality, the legal cases currently pending reagrding the ban, and how you can get involved. There will be a brief reception at 6:00pm followed by a screening of the documentary “Transmilitary” at 6:30pm. Attendees do not need to stay for the reception and film screening if they are pressed for time.

In an all volunteer military, in a nation where a majority of citizens are unable to meet the physical requirements of military service, it seems very counterproductive to deny any qualified member of the U.S. population the right to step up and serve their country. However, this is exactly what we are doing when it comes to our transgender servicemembers. Let’s rationally evaluate why this policy is wrong and then take that message across the country. We hope that you will join us.