Annapolis Pride is grassroots all volunteer organization.

It started with an idea between a couple of friends in the winter of 2017/2018 “…that maybe … just maybe … Annapolis should have it’s own Pride Parade….

A few months later a Facebook page was started and word began to spread. On June 19th, at the request of Annapolis Pride, Mayor Gavin Buckley makes the official proclamation declaring June as LQBTQ+ Pride month for the City of Annapolis. The date for the inaugural Pride Parade is set for June 29th, 2019.

Founder, Jeremy Browning and Mayor Gavin Buckley

People quickly took notice and Annapolis Pride started hosting social events that began to unite the locals. The attendance and enthusiasm made it very clear that the Annapolis LGBTQ+ community needed this. A board of directors was formed and a vision was set in motion to build an organization that will celebrate our community, engage with local businesses, and unite the city in embracing diversity and inclusion.

Annapolis Pride not only wants to celebrate our city, but we want to be of service to it. We love our city and want it to be a place where all people feel safe and included, where those who may need help or support can find it, and where our business and civic leaders embrace the vision that an inclusive community is a thriving community.

About Our Board of Directors

Interested in joining the board of Annapolis Pride? Download, fill out and submit our Expression of Interest form!

Board of Directors EXpression of Interest

Annapolis Pride celebrates the LGBTQ+ community, engaging local residents, businesses and groups to unite in welcoming and embracing diversity in Annapolis. Our logo is a blended rainbow. There aren’t hard lines between our colors. They blend and mix across the infinite spectrum that celebrates our diversity in all its forms.

If you have questions or comments please email info@annapolispride.org